Your Voice-Controlled Family Child Care Assistant

We are revolutionizing family child care management with over 20 years of innovation. Led by industry veterans, we're dedicated to simplifying administrative tasks for providers through voice-controlled technology, enabling them to focus more on caring for children and less on paperwork.

Provider & Sponsor CACFP & Compliance!

Providers can simply speak Point of Service food delivery with their voice as they are delivering food to children. All necessary data is then automatically entered into the CACFP software for sponsor approval.

Daily Activity Logging With Your Voice!

Break free from data entry. Simply use your voice and effortlessly track the children's daily activities in real-time, freeing you up to concentrate on what matters most, the children.

Provider Time & Time Space Tracking!

Quickly log Provider Time and accurately calculate your Time-Space Percentage for taxes with simple voice commands, ensuring compliance and efficient reporting with Logatot's assistance.

Expense Tracking Made Easy!

Easily manage your business expenses with painless receipt uploads and automatic mileage tracking, making your finances straightforward and efficient in just a few clicks.

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Speak, Record, Comply

Logatot's voice-recognition feature lets providers input data by speaking, meeting state data entry requirements instantly. This eliminates manual typing, freeing up more time for quality child care and education, all while fully complying with state regulations.

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Ready for Anything, Focused on Care

Family Child Care Providers now have the tools to easily maintain accurate, real-time records, even during the busiest days. This ensures readiness for unexpected state licensor visits, while allowing providers to concentrate fully on caring for children.

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Simplified, Effective Management

  • Easily keeps up with state data entry rules.
  • Provides instant updates to parents on their child’s day, with a full report at checkout.
  • Reduces computer use, giving more time for child care and self-care.
  • Simplifies expense tracking for easy tax filing.
  • Enhances child care focus and parent happiness, giving you more personal time.


For just $30/month or $300/year, our plan not only simplifies your child care management but also keeps you ahead with continuous innovation.

  • Voice based logging of daily child activities
  • Voice based logging of daily provider time
  • Time-space tracking
  • Document management
  • Payment processing
  • Complete year-end tax reporting in minutes
  • CACFP tracking and reporting


Subscribers automatically receive new features as they are added, ensuring access to the latest features. Stay updated and efficient effortlessly!



5 out of 5 stars

Game Changer, Time Saver!

Logatot is a company that is focused only on in-home childcare providers and our challenges. They took the time to understand the unique needs of in-home childcare providers.

The cutting-edge technology of Voice Command is a game changer for my program. Logatot has improved my programs daily record keeping, time in/out, health checks, diaper changes, meals, and milestones. Communication with families is instantaneous at check-out time and sends daily reports regarding their child’s day at care. This means more quality time spent with the children in care, more quality time with my own family and less stress.

It is truly remarkable to be completing a physical task and talking to the voice assistant to record it simultaneously! Now I do not have to do my data entry outside of business hours. Each day I am saving over 2 hours on data entry!!!

Heidi Brandt mugshot
Heidi Brandt
CSEA/VOICE Local 100A President

5 out of 5 stars

I have used Logatot since it first became available. Using voice commands has become a natural part of my day. It is such a relief to know that I don’t need to fill out any paperwork once the children leave, which can make a long workday even longer. I never realized how much time I had to spend filling in paperwork until I didn’t have to. Logatot has given me my evenings back.

Margaret Balko mugshot
Margaret Balko
Business Owner, Margaret Balko Family Child Care