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As a valued member of CSEA, you're entitled to more than just support – you're invited to experience innovation. With Logatot, discover the exclusive advantage of voice-controlled data entry tailored for you. Liberate yourself from the clutches of time-consuming record-keeping and invest more in what truly matters – the children in your care and your family.

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More Time for What Truly Matters

Why Choose Logatot?

Logatot is more than a tool; it's your gateway to more family time, enhanced child care, and reduced stress. Stop the endless back-and-forth with a computer. Start enjoying more personal time every day!

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monetization_on Exclusive Discounted Rate.
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mic Full-Time Voice Assistant.
Say goodbye to traditional computer entry. Speak, and let Logatot do the rest.
receipt_long Easy Expense Reporting & Tracking.
Easily record and monitor your expenses, streamlining your financial management with a few simple commands.
schedule Efficient Time & Space Management.
Quickly log Provider Time and accurately calculate your Time-Space Percentage for taxes with simple voice commands, ensuring compliance and efficient reporting with Logatot's assistance.
calendar_month Integrated Calendar Events.
Easily add and manage single or recurring events.
language_spanish ¿Hablas español?
Our voice recognition also supports Spanish, ensuring ease of use for a wider range of providers.

5 out of 5 stars

Game Changer, Time Saver!

Logatot is a company that is focused only on in-home childcare providers and our challenges. They took the time to understand the unique needs of in-home childcare providers.

The cutting-edge technology of Voice Command is a game changer for my program. Logatot has improved my programs daily record keeping, time in/out, health checks, diaper changes, meals, and milestones. Communication with families is instantaneous at check-out time and sends daily reports regarding their child’s day at care. This means more quality time spent with the children in care, more quality time with my own family and less stress.

It is truly remarkable to be completing a physical task and talking to the voice assistant to record it simultaneously! Now I do not have to do my data entry outside of business hours. Each day I am saving over 2 hours on data entry!!!

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Heidi Brandt
President, CSEA
  • “With this app, I can focus on the children instead of getting caught up in paperwork. It's a game-changer!”

    Tonya B.
    Tonya B.
    Little Haven
  • “Voice commands? Absolute genius. I can log everything without even touching my device. It's never been easier.””

    Stacy J.
    Stacy J.
    Little Sprouts Child Care
  • “The hands-free feature allows me to multitask like a pro. This app truly understands the needs of a child care employee.”

    Alice S.
    Alice S.
    Cozy Cubs Child Care
  • “I was skeptical at first, but after the first day of using the app, I realized how much time I was saving. No more endless typing!”

    Brianna H.
    Brianna H.
    Happy Homestead Kids
  • “From meal times to playtimes, everything gets logged with just my voice. This app has brought a revolution to my child care routine.”

    Diane S
    Diane S
    Tender Nest Childcare
  • “This app has become an integral part of our child care. The children love to watch as their activities are logged with just a spoken command!”

    Terri L.
    Terri L.
    Tiny Treasures Home Care
  • “Managing records and keeping up with compliance has never been this easy. I can't imagine going back to the old way of doing things.”

    Monica W.
    Monica W.
    Cuddle Corner Child Care
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