Unleash your voice!

Feature Roadmap

At LogATot, we're continuously evolving to bring you the best in family child care management technology. Our current suite of features, including comprehensive voice logging, document management, and detailed reporting, is just the beginning. As we grow, new features will be made available as soon as they're perfected. We're committed to enhancing your experience with every update, ensuring that you always have the most efficient and effective tools at your fingertips. Stay tuned for more exciting advancements on our journey together!


Voice Logging of Child Events

  • Check in/out
  • Health checks
  • Diaper changes
  • Nap start/stop times
  • Meals
  • Milestons
  • Items Needed

Voice Logging of Provider Time

  • Start/stop times
  • Description
  • Smart activation of provider time based on children logging status

Document Management

  • Folder creation
  • File upload of any file type


  • View and print attendance reports
  • View and print emergency card reports
  • View and print timeclock reports
  • View and print tuition payment reports

Custom Reports

  • Create your own reports and questionnaires
  • Send to parents or anyone outside of your facility

Diaper Change Alerts

  • Audible and visual alerts when diaper changes are needed

Parental Sign In/Out Screen

  • Signature capture
  • Log drop in and drop off times
Phase 3

Reports, Alerts, & Tracking

  • Time-space tracking and reporting
  • Expense tracking and reporting
  • Dropoff/Pickup parental alerts
  • Visitor logging and reporting
  • Accident and illness
  • Staff hours
  • Training hours


  • CCTA integration
  • ASPIRE integration
  • KinderSystems integration


  • Invoicing and tuition management